N Cubed is dedicated to providing quality clinical nutrition care in a comprehensive, cost-effective manner.

Nutrition Hawkes Bay

There is a strong relationship between what we eat and how we feel. N Cubed help to ensure you are consuming foods that make you feel good. We will work with you to ensure all food groups are present in your diet, you diet is balanced and you are receiving all the possible nutrients from your foods.

We provide meal plans with easy to follow, nourishing recipes as well as snack ideas and flexible options for all meals. 

Everything in moderation is a common phrase used at N Cubed. We will help you find the balance in your diet, make sure you are eating well most of the time and ensure eating remains a guilt free task. We will work with you to give you and provide the correct tools for your toolbox to ensure you eat mindfully, keep treats as treats and eating is guilt free.  


We have the knowledge to help all of you from weekend warriors to elite athletes to eat to perform at their best. Whether it is more specific timing of intake or recovery nutrition you need to perfect, Marieke’s experience as a sports woman gives her an understanding of the relationship between food and performance which can not be learned from the book. 

N Cubed can provide specific timing of intakes, hydration and race plans as well as guide you to fuel your training and recovery appropriately.

Nutrition Hawkes Bay

60 MINUTES - $165

This is your first step in determining how nutrition intake can support you in reaching your goals. 

An in-depth assessment including, medical history, optional body measurements, food intake, current nutritional knowledge, exercise and lifestyle to determine appropriate goals and strategies specific to yourself and what you want to achieve.

In this session a diet recall will be completed with a qualitative analysis to highlight specific key areas or nutrients to work on.

Depending on the reason you have come to see us, we can make meal suggestions, discuss snack ideas, provide specific resources as well as discuss timing of food and fluids for trainings and recovery.

Specific nutrient analysis and anthropometry assessments are optional at an additional cost.


An in-depth report of your dietary intake. Analysed by a specific nutrition software which provides a breakdown of energy, macronutrients (protein, fat, carbohydrate), fibre and also vitamin and mineral consumption. Receive feedback specific to you, your age, lifestyle, as well as sport and training demands (if applicable).

30 MINUTES - $85

A chance to reflect on your progress, retake measurements and perfect any recommendations after your initial consult. Discuss what is working well, any lifestyle issues or barriers that may be affecting your progress and talk through strategies to overcome these.

50 MINUTES- $110

A more compact version of our initial consult to get in tune with your nutrition. Ensure you are eating to your needs and fuelling yourself correctly. Whether it be allergies and intolerances, study and lifestyle, sport and recovery related or a general tune up, this is for you.

30 MINUTES- $70


For sports team, school groups, friend groups, work wellness and anything else. We can provide seminars and talks on many different nutrition topics. Prices, lengths and topics are all tailored to the groups needs. Enquire now!

15 MINUTES - $40

A quick visit to recheck your measurements and check in with how you are going with achieving your goals.

Having regular accountability checks increases your chances of meeting your targets, sticking to your goals and achieving results.

30 MINUTES - $50

Using an international gold standard of anthropometry and kinanthropometry to measure your body composition including skin fold measurements and bone breadths. This is one of the most accurate methods used to monitor muscle and fat changes over time which often alter as a result to changes in nutrition. This data provides information on your natural body type which can be used to alter your plan and make adjustments to your nutrition recommendations.


No matter what level you are at with your running or walking, having an effective, well practiced race plan can make all the difference on the big day. We will ensure the plan is well trialled in training to ensure race day goes as smooth as possible and you have the most appropriate nutrition and hydration plan to help you achieve your goal.