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Taking the nonsense out of nutrition.

At N Cubed our philosophy is to use evidenced based science to take the nonsense out of nutrition. The nutrition world is getting confusing and we are here to take it back to basics and use science to help you eat correctly to reach your full potential.

Recipe of the Week

Recipe of the Week

Haloumi Chickpea Stew with Turmeric Cauliflower

A N Cubed Spin on an Annabel Langbein classic. Perfect for these wintery nights!Read more

Raw Cranberry White Choc Bars

These raw bars packed with oats and seeds are easy, tasty and can be made nut free for allergies and school lunch boxes if need be!Read more

Five Seed Crackers

These would have to be one of the easiest cracker recipes out there. Mix it all together in a bowl and bake. Super easy, super tasty and super nutritious. Seeds provide a great source of fibre,Read more

Loaded ANZAC Biscuits

With ANZAC Day coming up it’s time to get baking tasty bikkies. This version has the added bonus of some fibre, nutrients and healthy fats.Read more

Feijoa Freeze

With plenty of feijoas around at the moment, we decided to create a frozen dessert. Aquafaba (the liquid from canned chickpeas) whips up like egg whites to provide a light and fluffy texture. ThisRead more

Creamy Pesto Chicken Pasta

Weehoooo this week we have our take on Chicken Pesto Pasta. This was always a classic during the university years. Hope everyone is staying safe and sane!Read more

Raw Caramel Afghan Slice

Afghan, caramel and chocolate with a healthy spin, what could go wrong? Don’t eat it all at once!Read more

Teriyaki Chicken Sushi Bowls

This meal got a solid 4.5/5 from the flat mates tonight and one is especially hard to please. ‘Tasty’, ‘fresh’ and ‘filling’ were used to describe. Give this a go, look after yourselves aRead more

Fabulous Fun Feta Frittata

This makes 12 muffin size frittatas or one large one. You can increase or decrease this recipe, just do 1:1 Ratio of eggs to T milk. Get creative and add in any other vegetables you have such asRead more

No Bake Cereal Bars

How good is a home-made muesli bar with no only natural sugars? This is a recipe you can get creative with and try many different combinations. I did 1 cup of oats, weetbix and bran flakes, ¾ CRead more

Jackfruit and Mexican Beans

This week in the N Cubed kitchen we tried Jackfruit!!! Jackfruit is a plant-based meat alternative and resembles a pulled pork/shredded chicken like texture. It does however contain minimal proteinRead more

Banana and Salted Caramel Date 'Nice' Cream

This is a ‘nice cream’ that you can easily experiment some fun flavour combinations with- stir through nuts, chocolate chips, berries or even peanut butter swirls. I have gone with a salted caramRead more