Keeping It Simple

N Cubed takes the nonsense out of nutrition and follows basics to keep it simple and easy to follow. The nutrition world is getting more complicated each day and we are here to provide easy to follow advice and cheer you on every step of the way.

At N Cubed, we believe that each and every one of us are different and what might work for some of us will not work for others. We do not follow the one size fits all approach and will support you no matter what stage of your nutrition journey you are on. From beginners with limited nutritional knowledge to experts wanting to focus on specific macronutrients, we can help you all.

Food is so much more than something we put in our mouths. It is our fuel that has the ability to enhance our day to day living, our sports achievements as well as the potential to rule our lives. Seeing an expert in food will improve your life in more ways than you can imagine.

At N Cubed, our dietitian has an in-depth knowledge of the importance of nutrition for all of us. N Cubed are here to help and support you achieve your nutrition goals no matter how big or small.

Nutrition Hawkes Bay

Nutrition Hawkes Bay

No Nonsense

We believe in providing up to date, evidence-based advice. The nutrition world is getting very complicated with many individuals sharing their do’s and don’t’s. We keep it straight forward, as basic and to the point as possible.  


At N Cubed we understand that we are all human and no body is perfect. We have an importance on making sure all recommendations and goals set are sustainable and achievable. We all have good and bad days and we work with you to develop strategies to keep you on tract to achieving your goals.


We understand that nutrition is far more complex than a one size fits all approach. By factoring in all aspects of your lifestyle, our advice is specific to you and tailored to your specific short- and long-term goals. 

Meet The Team


After completing a Master of Dietetics at University of Otago, Marieke is very excited to return to her home town and share her passion for nutrition to empower the community she loved to grow up in.

Marieke has always had a passion for eating, baking, cooking and exercising so it was a no-brainer that she followed a career that combined all of these. 

With a love of helping people and supporting others to achieve their dreams, dietetics was a great path to follow and she cannot wait to use her knowledge and skills to help the people of Hawkes Bay reach their nutrition goals.


Lauren has over ten years in customer service having worked  in the banking industry and as an insurance case manager. 

She has a passion for delivering an exceptional customer  service experience and is our frontline staff member that  welcomes you to the Clinic. 

Lauren loves being part of the team that helps people on their road to recovery